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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What times are you open?
    Once you have a Self Storage unit you can access it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We class our Self Store as a contactless site, so theres never any need to see us face to face unless you wish. However, staff members are sometimes on site and in the office if you wish to say hello or for any queries. If you have arrived at the gate to enquire into our services, please call us to arrange a viewing or to book.
  • What is the minimum duration of hire?
    We only require a minimum of 4 weeks hire for container hire and self storage. After that period, your contract will roll on until you get in touch to cancel your storage.
  • Self Storage - I am unsure about sizes, can I come and see them?"
    Yes! Contact us to arrange a viewing. Don't forget our Storage Calculator can help you decide.
  • Self Storage - What can I store? Is there anything Spalding Storage cannot store?
    Almost anything. You can store almost anything in your self-storage container as long as it’s not perishable, flammable or illegal! Examples of items you cannot store: Gas or any flammable items Fireworks Perishable foods or materials (unless prior agreement) Dangerous chemicals or asbertos Goods of an illegal nature Live animals Tyres Any high value items A full list can be found on your agreement.
  • Self Storage - What happens if I need to change the size of my unit?
    No problem. Just let us know. One of the benefits of our flexible storage solutions means that you can increase or decrease the size of unit you occupy as your needs change. You can change your unit/space at short notice and we will help you as long as we have the space.
  • Self Storage - Can I bring my own locks to use?
    On our self storage site, you won’t be able to use them to secure your containers. We kindly ask you to follow our policy of using locks and keys that we provide just in case of emergencies. However, we do provide you with two keys to each lock and for any reason you did lose your keys, that way we can also easily replace with another lock and set of keys.
  • Container Hire - Where can I install my container?
    Pretty much wherever you like as long as the lorry can get there and deliver. See this handy guide for more info.
  • Container Hire - Who is responsible for insuring the containers when they are on my site?
    The customer is responsible for insurance of the units when they are at your site.
  • Container Hire - What should I put underneath the storage container?
    Storage containers should be placed on level ground and square, if not it can be difficult to open and shut the container doors. Our drivers can help with the positioning, however it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure the ground is sufficiently prepared and that you have the materials to make the storage container sit level. Examples of suitable materials are railway sleepers or concrete blocks underneath the ends of the storage container.
  • Container Hire - How much space does a lorry need to come and deliver my container?
    Our Lorries do vary in size and does depend on the size of container loaded. When craning the load there needs to be ample space by the side of the lorry to deploy the legs and lift the load. See this handy guide for more information.
  • Container Hire - I have an overhead cable positioned above where I want my container, is this still possible?"
    Your desired location for your container should always be checked for overhead cables. Electrical power cables need to have a distance of at least 3m from the crane and load, if you are still unsure, we can always come to assess if delivery is possible.
  • Container Hire - I am not sure if the lorry will be able to get where I want it. Can you check?
    No problem. We can always do a site survey to assess if delivery is possible.
  • Container Hire - Will the crane vehicle drive off road across fields etc.?
    Our crane vehicles will generally not leave hard standing, but in some circumstances and prior discussion, we may be able to do this, for example they may be able to travel over a hard, level playing field in the middle of summer.
  • Cancellations and Amendments
    If you have changed your mind about the size of the unit you want, get in touch and we can help.
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