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Spalding Storage Gate Access

Self Storage

Gate Access

How to get access to our Self Store

Spalding's first Smart Access Self Store

Controlled Access to our Self Storage Facility simply by using your phone.

This allows convenient access to your belongings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone gate Spalding Storage

How it works


Get in touch to book. Select a unit size, and move-in date.  We will then arrange with you for all paperwork to be complete for move in date.

Easy Access

We will add you to the access system. You simply open the gate with your mobile. Drive directly up to your unit and unload from your car. The Lock & Keys will already be inside your unit to secure the unit when loaded.

Access Out

You will need to use your phone to get out of the Self Store Facility, simply open the gates the same as when you came in to get out! Any issues, please give us a call.

Opening the Gate

When you sign up to Store with us for the first time, you will receive an SMS with a phone number. Save that number to your phone, as this is the number you need to call to open the Facility gate.

When you arrive

Simply phone the number to start the automatic opening of the gate, please let the gate fully open before going through.


To exit the facility, simply phone the number as before for the gate to open.


Q: I need to allow access for someone else.

A: The access we have provided you will work from anywhere in the UK with signal. If your agent is at the gate you can open it for them to allow access. Alternatively, we can also add someone to have limited access for a day if required.


Please remember, anyone you allow on site is an agent for yourself and is your responsibility. If they need access to your unit you will have to give them one of your keys. Just remember to let them out again!


Q: Access was working but is no longer available.

A: We restrict access only if bills are overdue, please check your account to see if you have any outstanding bills. Or call us on 01775 562064.

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