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Can you have a Storage Container delivered to you?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Maybe you are moving home, need some tool storage or having an extension on your house, whatever your needs Spalding Storage can help. A Storage Container is a safe and secure way of keeping your possessions clean, dry and away from the elements.

This handy guide can give you some idea of what is required to deliver a Storage Container to your home or your site, and what you can do to help us, to help you.

Our Crane Lorries come in different sizes

First thing you need to know is that our Crane Lorries come in different sizes - some are what is known as a Rigid Lorry (36 ft long and doesn't bend, like having a really long car!) and some are known as Articulated or Artic Lorries (a unit that carries a trailer and bends between the two, is around 54 ft fully extended).

A common misconception is that a skip lorry is the same size as one of our Lorries. Skip Lorries do vary in size but can start at around 22ft long which has a greater turning circle than all of our Lorries. Essentially, just because a skip Lorry can get there doesn't necessarily mean one of our crane lorries can. The most important thing is, if you are unsure, let us know and one of our dedicated staff members can visit your site to see if it's possible.

How the Container delivery happens

All of our crane lorries have front mounted cranes which lift the container off the flat bed of the lorry using chains and maneuver the container into place. The most ideal placement is to have the lorry beside the desired location for the container, as a general rule it is best to think about whether one of our crane lorries can enter your premises and deliver the container beside it.


The key to a successful and hassle-free Container delivery is ensuring that we have access to your property and can park beside the spot you’d like your container left in. There are a number of factors which you’ll have to bear in mind when ordering a Storage Container, the following are a few of the most common issues that arise.

Road Sizes

All roads across the UK are different, and while many roads will easily allow access for a lorry and a container delivery, it’s important that you factor in the width of the road when ordering. For example, a right angled driveway off a single track road is extremely difficult for a Rigid Lorry so an Artic unit would not have the space.

Parked Cars

While you might think that your road is quiet and lorry-friendly, efforts to deliver a Container could be hampered by parked cars. Parked cars, whether on one side of the road or both, make access that much more difficult.

Check that your road isn't going to be blocked by parked cars during the time you’re planning to have your container delivered and collected.


If your property has any gates you might want to ensure our expert Crane Lorry drivers can gain access. Please also consider the width of the gates and whether our Lorries would need to turn around a corner during part of the lorry passing the gates (remember we are at least 36ft long!)

Height Restriction areas

Our Lorries are a lot taller than cars and vans, please make sure you consider height restriction bars and bridges when ordering your container. If you know that there are height restrictions for vehicles in your area or leading to your premises, please let us know and we will make arrangements to navigate around these routes.


Due to the greater dimensions of our vehicles in comparison to everyday traffic, we have to take special consideration when delivering and collecting containers.

Trees can be bulky and have a low sweep, please make sure you arrange trimming branches so that the height and width of our crane lorries can have access to the site. Also trees can be bouncy and can push a container on chains, a container will not be able to squash back growth, trees and bushes very much, please arrange trimming so that delivery can take place.

Phone Wires or Power Lines can be one of these greatest hazards. Power lines need to be at least 3m away from our crane, chains or container at all times, and for the big power lines 6m away. Phone lines can also be tricky to maneuver around but if you are unsure about if we can deliver to your desired location, let us know and one of our dedicated staff members can come and do a site visit.

Don't forget if you are unsure one of our team can always come and do a site visit.

If you think you can get a Container delivered to you, Call us for a quote today!

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